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Aerospace Bearings

A diverse series for applications where the motion is primarily oscillating.  Many aircraft bearings are either cadmium plated or stainless steel for corrosion resistance.  In many cases the inner ring extends beyond the outer ring to eliminate a need for spacers.  Some of the more commonly used series are: KP, KSP, DPP, DSP, DW, B500, Aw-Ak, and Y-PWI.  Specifications are always available as well as engineered assistance.

Control bearings and corresponding MS numbers:

     KP         MS27640
     KPA        MS27641
     KPB        MS27642
     MKPB       MS27642-5
     DSP        MS27643
     KSP        MS27645
     B500DD     MS27646
     DW, GDW    MS27647
     KP-BS      MS27648
     AW-AK      MS27649
     MB500DD    MS21428

Rod Ends and corresponding MS Numbers:

     REP-S      MS21150
     REP-M      MS21151
     REP-H      MS21152
     REP-F      MS21153

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